Anne Mattilan taidekahvila (Anne Mattila’s art café)

The idyllic and elegant art café is situated approximately 5 kilometres to the north from Karvia Town Centre, by the road to Jalasjärvi.

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Karvia-Päivät (Karvia Days)

Always at the first weekend of August

Karvia-Päivät is a three-day public event of fun organized by the Karvian townspeople. The festivity attracts fellow residents both present and former, people from the neighbouring towns, and visitors from afar. The festivities include: concerts, summer theatre, social dances, discos, a tour around Karvia, sports events, art exhibitions, and great food.

The highlight of Karvia-Päivät is the town square happening on Sunday, where thousands of people gather together to meet old friends and fellow residents while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the town square.

You are most welcome to Karvia-Päivät!

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The hosting party, Karvian Yrittäjät ry (Association of the Entrepreneurs of Karvia)

Karvian kesäteatteri (Karvia summer theatre)

Karvia’s summer is not complete before catching a play at the museum area performed by Karvian Teatteriyhdistys (Theatre Association of Karvia). Some people come from great distances just to see these plays.

The picturesque old buildings at the museum area give a spectacular setting for an open-air theatre area with approximately 200 seats that ensure an excellent view to the onstage action for the whole audience. The theatre has a wireless sound system.

The program consists of merry country comedies hand-picked by the theatre’s director, Leena Koivula. The shows are on in June and August. Private showings are also available for groups upon request, and a tactile translator will be provided, if needed.

Contact information:
Karvian Teatteriyhdistys ry (Theatre Association of Karvia).
Leena Koivula
044 3510610

Karvian Nuorisoseura (Karvia’s Youth Association)

Preserving Karvia’s culture for nearly a century!

The atmospheric Sampola, the community centre of the association, provides great facilities for different sort of functions for groups up to 200 people.

Are you organizing a party, a theme night, or some other sort of function, and are still missing a piece of programme for the evening? Don’t worry — contact us and we will take care of it! Our traditional folk dance group is happy to perform in any sort of events. When it comes to good food, ask for our exceptional catering services for a wonderful gastronomic experience.

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Teatteri Sampola (Sampola Theatre)

Wintertime theatre with occasional shows in the summer since 1980

High quality plays, classic’s from literature, hometown history, prose, and poetry.

We have performed our shows in different sort of locations, such as, the cosy community centre of Karvia’s Youth Association, a forest, and old courtyard, a church, the municipal government office, restaurants, fairs, and all sorts of parties.

Contact information:
Director Rauni Virtanen
040 840 4520

Karvian kotiseutuyhdistys (Karvia’s Local Heritage Association)

Expert on Karvia’s history and culture

In our collections, we have nearly 4,000 old photographs, approximately 70 hours of interviews with Karvian people from the past, and traditional music played by the folk musicians of Risku and Saari.

Our records are available for researchers within the opening hours of the Municipal Government Office. The Local Heritage Association can also deliver digital copies of the records with an additional fee to anyone interested in them. In addition, Karvian history has been compiled inside the covers of four books and more material is being collected all the time.

We hold an annual Karvian Local Heritage Function at Karviasali Hall on the second Sunday of July. It is about reminiscing about the past as well as looking ahead into the future, and giving the floor to young culture enthusiasts.

Our trained guides are willing to tell travellers more about the past, present, and the nature of Karvia.

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Willi Kansa Happening

The high point of Willin Kansan Viikko (Wild People’s Week) is the national multi-artistic theatre event arranged by the Theatre Association of Karvia on the first weekend of November. During the weekend, different groups of artists perform their unique interpretation of a given topic.

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Ohjelmapalvelu Köyhän miehen teatteri (Entertainment Poor Man’s Theatre)

Ohjelmapalvelu Köyhän miehen teatteri provides music and sketch shows for all sorts of events.

Contact information:
Jaakko Viitala 040 5363912,

The Medieval Road of Kyrönkangas

The Medieval Road of Kyrönkangas passes through the ridges of Pohjankangas. In 1555—1556, Jaakko Teitti, the secretary of Kustaa Vaasa, the King of Sweden, compiled a list of the Finnish roads. The road of Kyrönkangas is mentioned there and described to extend from Korsholma to Hämeenlinna. It was an important trade and postal route in the 17th century. According to Suomen museovirasto (Finland’s National Board of Antiquities), the road has retained its original condition better than any other medieval road in Finland. The medieval road of Kyrönkangas goes through Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park, and is signposted from Karvia Town Centre, and the village of Kantti onwards.

Important buildings

Karvia’s old wooden church was built in 1799, and has beautiful paintings. Additional information:

Niemenmaa Windmill from 1850 is situated by the route from Karvia to Jalasjärvi approximately 13 kilometres from the Town Centre.

The Skanssi barns from the 18th and 19th centuries are situated 8 kilometres from the Town Centre by the route to Honkajoki.

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