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Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

The beautiful, peaceful Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park is situated at the border of the municipality of Karvia and the city of Kauhajoki. It is nearly 20 kilometres from Karvia Town Centre. The national park covers the area of 6,200 hectares.

In the national park, there is a two-kilometre route of duckboards, and a bird-watching tower. At the Lake Suolampi, there is also a pier for swimmers. The national park is perfect for day trips.

The trail of Kauhalammi

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Alkkianvuori Nature Reserve

Mountain Alkkianvuori, the highest point of the Reserve, rises 201 metres above the sea level. The area is an intriguing and versatile outdoor destination. You can observe the effects of the ice age on the waterside, and admire the wetlands on the hillsides, and old pine forests grown on rocky land. There is a 4.5 kilometres long signposted trail that has a campfire site with a hut and a beach for swimming.

Address: Alkkiavuorentie, Karvia

Bird-watching sites; Lake Suomijärvi and Field Kärpäsenaukea, Kauhaneva Mire

Lake Suomijärvi, a nationally important bird-watching site, is situated approximately 8 kilometres from Karvia Town Centre, by the road number 274 to Parkano.

In Karvia Town Centre, at the northern end of Lake Kirkkojärvi, is another great site for bird watching – Field Kärpäsenaukea. Migrating birds, such as, waders stop there to rest. A viewing hide can be found, as well, at the northern side of the road to Kauhajoki. In addition, Karvia Tourism Association provides a dining opportunity at the hide on the Tornien taisto (Clash of the Towers) Day.

The best wetland area in Western Finland for observing birdlife is Kauhaneva Mire. Just take a turn from Karvia-Kauhajärvi road to north in Ellinharju, and continue to the museum road of Kyrönkangas till you reach a camping site at the northwest side of Kauhaneva Mire.

Karvian Valokuvaamo (The Photographic Studio of Karvia) — nature expeditions

Expert on photography

We offer photographing expeditions and guidance on nature photography for groups. In our guidance, you can get great shots of the diverse nature and wildlife of Karvia.

Every year in April, we arrange a photography weekend with lectures by photography specialists, which has become very popular.

In addition, we plan and execute photography events for groups upon request.

At our store, you can buy Karvian souvenirs, such as, posters, postcards, mouse pads, puzzles, mugs, ornate plates, and photo-books.

Contact information:
Karvian Valokuvaamo
Riskunkatu 1
39930 Karvia
040 5052722
Seppo I. Myllyviita

Karvian kalastuskunta (Karvia Fishing Board)

Karvia Fishing Board welcomes one and all to catch fish in Karvia

The board takes care of the fish populations in Lake Karvianjärvi, Lake Kirkkojärvi, Lake Rastiasjärvi, and River Karvianjoki and its distributaries. The board plants valuable fish to the lakes, and Kantinkoski Rapids and Särkikoski Rapids. River Karvianjoki has its own brown trout stock that is being cultivated by the board as well.

Anyone with a valid fishing licence is permitted to fish in Karvia.

Lake Karvianjärvi is a great place for fishing zander, and Kantinkoski Rapids and Särkikoski Rapids provide good hauls of brown trout.

Contact information:
Vesa Raiskio, Head of Karvia Fishing Board
050 5945900

Kievarin kierros (Kievari Tour)

On the guided Kievari Tour you will get to see the medieval road of Kyrönkangas and hear about its history, learn about the Pohjankangas Nature Reserve, and enjoy a lunch prepared by our kitchen personnel at a lean-to in the forest near a military air base from the Finnish Winter War. The tour takes approximately 2–3 hours, and is executed for groups of 15–50 people upon request.

Lunch menu

p. 040 7150351 or 045 2688627

Cycle hire

Urheiluseura Karvian Kiri (Karvian sports club) has quality bicycles for all needs.

Additional information:
or 045 3108100 Hietaluoma

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