Kotiseutu tutuksi Google My Maps Map (Know Your Hometown Map with Google My Maps)

The Know Your Hometown Map was created in cooperation between Karvian matkailu ry (Karvia Tourism Association) and Petäjä-opisto (a regional adult education centre).

The map was made as a student assignment for a course called ‘Know Your Hometown’ held in spring 2016. The map shows the attractions of Karvia on a Google Map. You can read introductions (in Finnish) written by the students and watch pictures of the sights by clicking the tags on the map.

The Know Your Hometown Map can be used by computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device with a working Google Map service.

Know Your Hometown Map with Google My Maps

General Google Map

Karvia Tourist Map

14 Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park, nature trail, bird-watching tower
15 Kyrönkankaantie, museum road
16 Kankaan kota (Kangas Hut), meals in the great outdoors served by Lanttalauree, orders a week in advance, address: Laitilannousu
17 Seurantalo Sopukka (Sopukka Community Centre), functions, address: Ämmäläntie
18 Ojanperä Windmill
19 Aulin Ateriat (restaurant & catering service)
20 Saran Seurantalo (Sara’s Community Centre), functions
21 Lake Karvianjärvi, fishing & swimming
22 Karvia’s motor sports track, jokkis races, address: Torrontie
23 Lake Kirkkojärvi, swimming & canoeing
24 River Karvianjoki, canoeing
25 Loma-Raiso, accommodation, functions & meetings, address: Hietaluomantie 272
26 Sanssinlampi’s lean-to, nature trail rest spot
27 The lean-to of the historic wartime airbase, nature trail rest spot
28 Kantinkoski Rapids, fishing & canoe landing
29 Koriankenttä, fishing & camping
30 Kantti’s School, rest spot & information point
31 Jokipirtti Cabin, accommodation & functions
32 War memorial
33 Skanssi barns
36 Seurantalo Mäkipirtti (Mäkipirtti Community Centre), functions
37 Särkikoski Rapids, address: Kiviharjuntie
38 Suomijärvi, social dancing
39 Lake Suomijärvi, bird watching
40 Lake Ojajärvi
41 Lake Rastiainen
42 Mountain Alkkianvuori, nature trail
43 Lake Neva-Lyly, swimming & fishing
44 Lake Mustajärvi
45 The stone bridges
46 Public beaches
47 Caravan park


Come and hike with us to the past of Kauhalammi. There You can experience the swamp areas’ atmosphere and tension! There will be a role guide who offers You facts and exciting historical stories from the area, dinner by the open fire and the bravest evening will culminate in swamp walk. End of the day You have possibility to warm up in ambience sauna in Loma-Raiso.

Travel programme


You will be picked up from Tampere airport and transport to Loma-Raiso in Karvia, where you will check- in in to your rooms. After check- in you have sightseen tour in Karvia area where you can explore some culture sights. When you arrive back to Loma-Raiso there will be dinner served and later you can relax in sauna. In sauna you have possibility to order peat treatment which has proven a lot of health effects.

Sightseen tour takes about 4 hours.


After resting over the night you’ll get to enjoy a generous breakfast. Before going to the hiking trail in Kauhalammi, you will have time for lunch, which is served in Loma-Raiso. Guide will meet you in the front of the main doors in the afternoon, when you’re start heading to Kauhalammi. When it is about the role guidance, you will never know whether you are facing a prison guard, or a farm host. Trip from Loma-Raiso to Kauhalammi takes about 20 minutes.

When you arrive to the hiking trail, guide is leading you all the time. She will be telling you stories and facts about the area along with the role. Trail is about 5 km long and you are circling the trail in a daylight so you have opportunities to see Finnish nature for its best and memorize it with pictures. Along the trail there is two resting areas and you will also visit to the bird tower. When the day turns into night, you may see the bright starry sky from the open swamp area.

Back to camp area, you will be dining a front of the open fire. At dinner we serve salmon, green salad, sausage with potato salad and Karvia Kakko which is local bread. As desert you will fry crepes with the help of the chef. With crepes there is served homemade jam and real pot coffee. Coffee beans you will be grind yourself. After dinner there is a little surprise and evening will be culminating to swamp walk.

Trip takes about six hours and after you’ll get back to Loma-Raiso there will be warm relaxing sauna waiting for you. Next to sauna is also springwater pond where the bravest can dive in.


Day will start with the breakfast and check- out is before midday. The day will end to the transportation to Tampere airport.


Take waterproof walking shoes with you, raincoat in case of rain and plenty of happy mind!

313€ per person. Price includes accommodation, transportation, sightseen tour, hiking, food benefits, guide and sauna for both days.

As an extra service it is possible to have peat treatment for face and feet. Face treatment costs 20€ and foot treatment costs 30€ per person.


Karvia, Finland

Tailored to fall or winter
2 days

8-12 person
313€/per person
Sales commission of incoming and international tour operators total 25-35% will be added to the prices.



Hietaluomantie 272
39930 Karvia
Tel: +358 40 568 2768

© Karvia Tourism Association

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