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Marran Hoitola ja Putiikki (Marra’s Beauty Salon and Beauty Shop)

Treatments with over 30 years’ experience

Facials, hydrating and lifting treatments with Sothys products, lash and eyebrow treatments, hand and foot cares.

From the shop, you can buy Sothys skin care products, cosmetics, and foot care products.

In addition, there is a good selection of aromatic teas by Forsman and other intriguing novelty items. You can also order hand-made greeting cards for all sorts of occasions.

The shop is open by appointment from Tuesday to Saturday, and closed on Mondays.

Contact information:
Kylä-Karviantie 5, 39930 Karvia
0500 922721

Pirni Muoti (clothing shop)

Pirni Muoti – fashion with friendly expert service

Welcome to our fashion shop, where we serve our customers with friendliness and expertise. Quality womenswear and menswear for everyday use and for special occasions, accessories, costume jewellery, and shoes. Well-known brands, and beautiful plus size clothing.

We want to make your fashion wishes come true with style!

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 9.30am–5pm, Sat 9.30am-2pm.

Contact information:
Kyläkarviantie 20
02-544 1661 0500 323755

Charter Heinola

Charter bus services for all needs from Karvia

When you or your party need a ride, contact Charter Heinola! Our buses accept 8 to 16 passengers.

We provide charter bus services for group transport including cruise ship transfer, transport to fares or holiday resorts, class trips, and even travels abroad. For more information about our services, see our website.

Enjoy a pleasant and affordable transfer with our experienced drivers, who have an extensive knowledge on the local area!

Contact information:
Charter Heinola
Alkkiantie 8, 39960 SARVELA tai
Ari 0400 565046
Maarit 0400 952026

Karvian Urheiluautoilijat / Ratayhdistys / Moottorikerho (Karvia’s Motor Sports)

Thrill of speed and roaring engines!

Motor sports enthusiasts will find an incomparable motor sports track for training and racing at Torro’s Community Centre.

In the community centre, jokkis races (a Finnish motor sport) are held in the summer and snowmobile races in the winter.

The track is partially paved with asphalt and is approximately 830 meters long. The audience has a good view to the race track from the railing banks. There is also a restaurant in the area.

TAsk us for motor sports training possibilities!

Contact information:
Karvian UA/MK ry (Karvia’s Auto and Motor Sports Association)
Pasi Patokoski 040-5817089
Moottorikerho ry (Motor Sports Association)
Tero Sievi-Korte 050-5988790
Karvian Ratayhdistys ry (Karvia’s Race Track Association)
Olli Pentinmäki 045 1117990
Torro’s Community Centre is a great place to hold meetings and functions, as well. You can make your reservations here: or 044 7727402

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